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Welcome to the booking page of the ETE lab

Environmental Technology (ETE) performs research in the field of Reusable Water, Renewable Energy and Recyclable Matter including soils and sediments.

The lab provides the researchers with basic laboratory equipment and a set of route analysis methods (e.g. biogas analysis, VFA & MCFA analysis, PAH analysis, TPH analysis, ICP metal analysis). In addition to the routine setups we can offer some flexibility to switch and set up analytical methods on a number of different GC and LC systems according to the specific analytical research question in a project.

Reservation of equipment

  • Only registered users are allowed to use ETE equipment
    • To use ETE equipment contact the lab team ( about the possibilities
    • To use equipment from WUR Shared Research Facility (XRD-XRF) present at ETE contact Ilse Gerrits ( for more information

Instrument use

  • Using instruments without a reservation is not allowed
  • Use of instruments is only allowed after instructions by the instrument managers
  • REMARK : In the weekend and after working hours the ETE equipment is not available for use.


  • If there are problems always contact the instrument managers, daily supervisors and the next user
  • Write down the problem (and solution) in the logbook (if present)

Contact persons ETE

  • For general enquiries please send an email to
  • The contact person for each instrument can be found on the booking page of that instrument
  • Booking system main contact for ETE: Julian Zamudio (