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MAGNEFY - 400 MHz spectrometer (walk-in services)

MAGNEFY - NMR spectroscopy

MAGNEFY - MRI and MRMicroscopy

MAGNEFY - Time Domain NMR (Low Field)


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MAGNEtic resonance research FacilitY

MAGNEtic resonance research FacilitY (MAGNEFY), formerly known as WNMRC, is a core resource whose mission is to make state-of-the-art Magnetic Resonance instruments and methods available to researchers, providing a venue for them to pursue their projects and develop their experience in NMR and MRI methods.

Wageningen NMR Centre (WNMRC) is established in 1992, and is based on a fruitful collaboration of several WU groups (BioNanoTechnology, Biophysics, Organic Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Soft Matter, Food Process Engineering) and Research Institutes (Food & Biobased Research and Plant Research). MAGNEFY offers cost-effective access and support for training, operation and interpretation of magnetic resonance techniques for groups inside and outside WUR, including companies.

Available expertise within MAGNEFY covers applications in research fields of interest for Wageningen UR, like (agro)food, life sciences, and biobased research. For further info see .


  • Only registered users are allowed to use Magnefy equipment.
  • Reservation of the equipment is paying for the equipment (so don't forget to remove your reservation if you are not going to use the instrument, possible till 24 hours before the actual booking).

Instrument use

  • Using instruments without a reservation is not allowed
  • Use of instruments is only allowed after instructions by the Daily Manager (Yanzhang Luo,, +31 (0)648430113).
  • For use of this AV400 walk-in machine, please contact Barend van Lagen, telephone: +31 (0)317 483605!
  • REMARK : In the weekend and after working hours the Helix building and the Magnefy equipment rooms are closed for people from outside!!


  • If there are problems always contact the instrument managers, daily supervisors and the next user
  • Write down the problem (and solution) in the logbook (if present)