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FPH - Rheology Tensiometers

FPH - Texture Analysers

FPH - Homogenisers, Sonifier

FPH - Centrifuges

FPH - Light Scattering

FPH - Microscopes

FPH - Freezedryer

FPH - Osmometer, DSC, Density meter

FPH - Tribometer - Shared Research Facilities

FPH - Miscellaneous

FPH - Rheology Rheometers

FPH - Rheology Geometries

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  • Reservations can be done by registerd users only.

    For info on how to register contact the equipment managers

Use of Equipment

  • Before first use of equipment, an introduction is required. Contact the equipment manager to request an introduction.
  • It is not allowed to use equipment without reservation or without having had an introduction from the equipment manager.
  • Labs and equipment rooms of FPH are closed outside office hours and in weekends.


  • If there are any problems with the equipment always contact the equipment manager and the next user(s).

Equipment managers