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  • Only registered users are allowed to use MSC equipment.
  • To use equipment from WUR Shared Research Facility (previous CAT-Agrofood)  present at MSC contact Oscar de Vos for more information.
  • Reservation of the equipment is paying for the equipment (so don't forget to remove your reservation if you are not going to use the instrument, possible till 24 hours before the actual booking).

Instrument use

  • Using instruments without a reservation is not allowed
  • Use of instruments is only allowed after instructions by the operators.
  • REMARK : In the weekend and after working hours the Helix building and the MSC eqiuipment rooms are closed for people from outside!!


  • If there are problems always contact the instrument managers, daily supervisors and the next user
  • Write down the problem (and solution) in the logbook (if present)

Contact persons / Operators MSC

Arjen Bader                              +31317485125
Jan Willem Borst                 +31317483724
Adrie Westphal                    +31317484468

Contact person Shared Research Facilities

Jan Willem Borst                 +31317483724
Johannes Hohlbein         +31317482635
Oscar de Vos                           +31317480901

If you need an operator, please contact one of them by email!