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FCH-HPLC systems

FCH-UPLC-MS systems

FCH-LC systems

FCH-GC (pyrolysis) systems, Dumas + Balance table

FCH-Mass Spectrometry systems

FCH-Extraction / Fractionation

FCH-Electrophoresis (Capillary), Gelscanner

FCH-Freeze Dryers, Milling equipment



FCH-pH Stat systems

FCH-Miscellaneous equipment

FCH-Data processing

FCH-Notebooks, Camera and FCH Car

FCH-Shared Research Facilities

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Reservation of equipment at Food Chemistry


  • Only registered users are allowed to use FCH equipment
    •     To use FCH equipment  contact Prof. Henk Schols about the possibilities
    •     To use equipment from WUR Shared Research Facility (previous CAT-Agrofood)  present at FCH contact Oscar de Vos for more information
  • Reservation of the equipment is paying for the equipment (so don't forget to remove your reservation if you are not going to use the instrument)
  • FCH STUDENTS  : Reservations has to be done with the special student account of the supervisor (NOT with their own WUR account) 

Instrument use

  • Using instruments without a reservation is not allowed
  • Use of instruments is only allowed after instructions by the instrument managers
  • REMARK : In the weekend and after working hours the AXIS building and the FCH eqiuipment rooms are closed for people from outside!!

Data reprocessing 

  • Data reprocessing is not allowed on data acquisition computers
    • FCH members
      Some data reprocessing programs (for example MassLynx, FlexAnalysis, Chromeleon and Xcalibur) can be installed on your PC (contact FCH-IT person),
      special data reprocessing programs (like Unifi and Compound Discoverer) are only available on special data reprocessing computers (reservation needed) 
    • Non FCH members
      There are special data reprocessing computers available (reservation needed)
  • Copy and remove the data as soon as possible from the acquisition computers


  • If there are problems always contact the instrument managers, daily supervisors and the next user
  • Write down the problem (and solution) in the logbook (if present)

Contact persons FCH

  • Henk Schols                                   +31 (0)317 483239
  • Edwin Bakx                                      +31 (0)317 485442
  • Wouter de Bruijn                       +31 (0) 317 485440 

Contact person Shared Research Facilities

  • Oscar de Vos                                  +31 (0)317 480901